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Tennessee General Assembly Legislation MEDICAL CANNABIS COMMISSION This bill creates the Tennessee medical cannabis commission, to consist of nine members. By no later than August 30, 2019, the members are to be appointed by the governor, after receiving three appointment recommendations from the speaker of the senate, and three appointment recommendations from the speaker of the Athens Cannabis Expo 2020 Welcome to Athens Cannabis Expo 2020 (10-12 January 2020 at Tae Kwon Do). Cannabis Festivals 2019-2020 | 420 Events Near Me | Everfest Find Cannabis Festivals! Look for the chronic at dozens of cannabis festivals like the High Times Cannabis Cup, Hempstalk Harvest Festival and Abra Ca Dabs Festival. Use the calendar to find cannabis festivals, claim perks, write reviews, share with friends and more with Everfest! Hemp Industry is a free listing service for the hemp industry for legitimate hemp events. Events listed on this site are not all produced by the Colorado Hemp Company or and we have no involvement in the production and management of the listed event.

Join us for our 3rd straight year in the great hemp state of Tennessee where The Hemp Revolution continues to evolve as the most exciting crop to hit American Agriculture in the last 50 years takes root. #SHE3 will host a trade show, business conference and farm symposium not to be missed just prior to the 2020 harvest season. Spannabis 2020 In March 2020, the eighth edition of the World Cannabis Conferences will be held together with Spannabis. In this new edition we will have the presence of scientific, medical and political personalities; as well as relevant agents of the cannabis sector. The 15 States That Will Have Legal Marijuana by 2020, Revealed More states are writing loose marijuana laws to the point where it’s decriminalized or totally legal. We’re guessing these 15 states will have legal marijuana by 2020. Tennessee - MPP Tennessee marijuana laws lag behind other states. Last update: January 14, 2020 . In November 2018, voters in three more states — Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah — approved compassionate medical cannabis laws, bringing the total number of states with effective medical cannabis laws to 33. Tennessee is increasingly

Tennessee Cannabis

Tennessee Dispensaries - Tennessee Dispensaries Tennessee medical marijuana patients will need to qualify to receive a Medical Cannabis Card. When available, the MMJ dispensary that meets your needs will be on TN Dispensaries. When available, the MMJ dispensary that meets your needs will be on TN Dispensaries. Tennessee medical marijuana bills are dead until 2020 Sen. Steve Dickerson, a doctor who is one of the biggest advocates in the Tennessee legislature for medical marijuana, said during a Senate hearing Wednesday he was regrettably delaying all bills involving cannabis until 2020. The House also had rolled the bills until next year, Dickerson said.

Blog about the wine, liquor, beer and Cannabis industries! ON DIRECT TO CONSUMER SHIPMENT OF ALCOHOL INTO TENNESSEE. November 11, 2019.

11.12.2019 · cannabis at the ballot box New Jersey is an unusual case, as it’s the only state where a blend of legislative action and voter approval could combine to legalize marijuana in 2020. Tennessee Cannabis